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Maturity, Worship, Eulogies

It’s Monday morning, I’m listening to Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers and thinking about maturity. Last weekend, Larry Sanders got into a fight outside a Milwaukee nightclub. It was early Sunday morning. We can all imagine more or less what went down. Rachel Turquoise’s dad, also from Wisconsin, says nothing
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NBA Salaries and the Domestic Box Office

I heard sometime last year that Kevin Garnett is now the highest paid NBA player ever. That’s right: Kevin Garnett. Not Michael Jordan. Not Kobe Bryant. Not Kazaam himself, Shaq. Kevin Garnett. This got me thinking: how do the top ten all-time NBA player salaries stack up against the domestic
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A Plea for the Dunk Contest

                                                         When I was a kid, the most important night of my year was NBA All-Star Saturday night. It’s tempting to suggest that
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Andrew Wiggins – 2014-08-28 Update #1

It didn’t take long for the Cleveland Cavaliers General Manager David Griffin to let the world know the number one overall draft pick in the upcoming NBA Draft is up for grabs. Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid and possibly others are considered to be possible franchise changing players, so