Change Your Life, Read This Article Regarding Basketball Tips And Tricks

Basketball is a game that can be enjoyed by men or women. People of all ages can enjoy playing this exciting game. Get a group of friends together and show them what you’ve learned. What moves do you mean? Read this article to find out how to do new moves.

Many people only direct their attention to the offensive part of the game without realizing that defense is as important as offense during practice. Basketball games are won by the defense. Offense gets attention and praise, but lacking a solid defense, any team can lose.

TIP! Make sure you dribble properly by keeping your head held up, facing forward. If you start staring at the ball while you dribble, you know you need to practice more.

Practice your free throws.Practice often using the following method. Start out by holding the basketball right before your face. Keep looking at the goal and visualize the basketball going into the hoop.Shoot on the basketball exactly as you imagine it going in.

Make sure to practice your layups frequently.Layups comprise approximately 80 percent of the shots taken during a game. When you practice, you need to be able to run toward the basket at full speed, jumping and shooting in a smooth series of motions. This type of technique will help you learn how to jump and shoot better during the game.

TIP! Learn the way to throw proper bounce passes. A bounce pass that’s good is going to end up hitting the other player near their waist.

Bounce Pass

Learn how to throw a bounce pass. A useful bounce pass will hit the receiving player near their waist. A good estimation is to target the ball bounce roughly 3/4 of the distance that the recipient. There are other factors you have to think about too, though.

TIP! Lifting weights too much can actually take away from your jump shot. Even though having strong muscles is great for the inside game, being on the outside it can harm you when shooting the ball.

A good way to hone your own basketball abilities is to watch the pros.

Do not only practice zone defense. While a great portion of a game will be concentrated in the zone, your opponent might flip the switch to man-to-man coverage just to change things up and surprise you. If you are unprepared, you might lose your game very quickly.

TIP! Use hand signals to avoid errant passes. Players can get easily frustrated if they make a pass to players that aren’t available to catch the ball.

Would you like to learn how to fool your opponents? Try doing a back pass. Hold the basketball with your dominant hand. This is a very useful trick the opposing team.

This is the hip area, lower back, and hips. A well developed core provides a center of force with their legs while running and jumping higher.

TIP! Never try to push through pain after an injury. It is possible to receive an injury when playing basketball because it is a sport that is physically challenging.

Now that you know how to play, you can be confident when you play. You can now impress your friends with the secrets that you’ve learned. Keep in mind that the game of basketball is supposed to be a fun sport. No matter what, being a winner is always fun.

Increase Your Vertical Jump For Basketball Next Season

Want to increase your vertical jump next basketball season? Then its important that you discover the best exercises for increasing your vertical jump this off-season. It’s critical to get your vertical jump program started this summer if you want to see the best results in the fall for basketball tryouts.

One key point to remember is that if you simply concentrate only on one or two exercises or drills, while you may see initial gains in your vertical jump height, after about four weeks your muscles will adapt and you’ll see less gains from your vertical jump program. It’s important to switch up the exercises and change your drills and workouts if you want the best vertical jump program.

Determining Jumping Style

One important factor that is often overlooked is figuring out what type of jumper you are. Just like not every basketball player is a power forward, different basketball players have different jumping styles and a quality vertical jump program will develop specific exercises designed to increase your vertical jump no matter what type of jumping style you have.

We can break down most basketball players into two types of jumpers; Speed Jumpers and Power Jumpers.

Speed Jumper

Speed jumpers tend to be guards and smaller players that have “spring” or “bounce” and play basketball with a fluid, quick style. For these basketball “speed jumpers” its important that they focus of higher weight interval weight workouts like speed squats. These speed squats will help rapidly develop the leg strength to quickly increase your vertical jump height.

Power Jumper

Power jumpers tend to play the power and strength positions in basketball – either center or power forward. These basketball players tend to jump off two feet from a standing position instead of one foot like a guard driving to the basket. The best exercises to increase vertical jump height in these basketball players are exercises like hurdle jumps and split lunges.

Arm and Upper Body Strength is Key

A strong upper body is also important. Without a strong upper body, you won’t get the most out of your vertical jump training program. Using a powerful, strong, arm swing can help increase your momentum and increase your vertical jump height.

Pick up the intensity

Pump up the intensity. If you want to play ABOVE the rim, you’ll need to pick up your intensity level and push yourself. The increase in intensity level will help with the mental focus you’ll need late in a close game as the clock winds down and your legs are tired. Training your mind to break through fatigue and being tired is an important step in any successful vertical jump training program.

How to Play Basketball


The game of basketball was invented over a hundred and twenty years ago by Dr. James Naismith, who was a physical trainer at a YMCA center in the United States. It was raining outside, and he did not want his gym class to sit idle. So after a few thoughts and ideas, he came up with the game of basketball. Although the game has undergone a lot of changes over time, the fundamentals of how to play basketball still remain the same. Before we talk some more about this game, let us have a look at some images, which will tell us more about the equipment used and the type of shots that are played.

Basketball Equipment

To start playing the game, we need to first gather the equipment. This should be very easy as the game only requires a ball and two hoops perched at a height of ten feet at the opposite ends of a court. It is also a good idea to wear proper basketball shoes, and not any jogging pair while playing. A nice team jersey can be worn when you get better at playing and are part of your school or college team.

Basketball Court

Basketball can be played outdoors too, but the norm is to play on an indoor court on a maple-wooded highly polished floor. The size of the court varies according to the level of competition. For school games, the court size is usually 74′ × 42′. High school games are mostly played on a court size of 84′ × 50′. Games played according to the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rules are played on a court that measures 91′ 10.4″ × 49′ 2.6″. As far as the NBA is concerned, the court size is 94′ × 50′. The height of the rim of the basket is 10′.

Basketball Rules

Next, we need to set the teams. There are two teams with 5 players per team. The object of the game, very obviously, is to score baskets. As for the length of the game, the famous National Basketball Association (NBA) teams play a 48-minute game with four 12-minute sessions. The length can vary based on the type of tournament and organization.

The game starts with a jump ball. A jump is when one person from each team goes in the center of the court and jumps to tip the ball to their teammates after the referee throws the ball straight up. The goal here is to direct the ball towards your team. Each goal or ‘basket’ is worth 2 points. However, if a basket is scored from outside the 3-point line, that is the arc-shaped line outside the free throw line, then the basket is worth 3 points. The 3-pointer distance from the basket is 23.75′ in the middle of the court, and it gradually decreases to 22′ at the sides. 4′ around the basket is the restricted area arc where a defending player cannot force an offensive foul. The free throw line is at a distance of 15′ from the backboard. A free throw that results in a basket is worth 1 point.

The game of basketball consists of offense and defense. When the ball is present with a player of your team, then all the team members of your team are on the offense. The goal here is to score points by shooting the ball into the defending team’s basket. Similarly, when the ball is present with the opponent team, then all the team members of your team are on the defense. The goal here is to stop the other team from shooting the ball into your team’s basket, and also to steal the ball from them so you can again attack and score.

While on the offense, you can pass on the ball either via dribble or passing. Bouncing the ball continuously and moving forward simultaneously is known as dribbling. It is important to remember here that once you have dribbled the ball past the mid court, you cannot go back into your own half. A pass can be used to advance your offense. Most passes are accompanied by a step forward to increase power and are followed through with the hands to ensure accuracy.

A dribble ends when you stop and hold the ball. If you hold the ball for more than five seconds, then you incur a penalty as well as lose possession of the ball. An attempt to unfairly disadvantage an opponent through physical contact is illegal and is called a foul. For all types of competition worldwide and even in the US, you are allowed four personal fouls per game. On committing a 5th, you have to sit out and be substituted by another player who has less fouls to his name. The NBA though, allows 5 personal fouls, and a player needs to sit out on committing a 6th. On offense, you cannot remain in the “key” (area designated underneath and directly in front of basket) for more than 3 seconds. If there is a 3-second violation, there will be a subsequent change of possession.

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Basketball & Hoop



Jump Shot





Now that we know about the basketball court, equipment, scoring details, the game and the fouls, here are some basketball tips to end the article. Always shoot with both the hands. Using a single hand may look very fancy, but it is best to use both the hands for better control. It is very important to learn to dribble the ball without actually looking at the ball. Repetition is the key to improve your shooting. Lastly, quality training equipment will make the difference in your game. Well, the game is simple and the equipment is easy to procure. Now that you know how to play basketball, it is time to go out there and shoot some baskets!

Sports…how Culture And Environment Impact Our Choices

I remember a teacher telling me years ago in a Statistics class that “there is always an exception to the rule, but that doesn’t necessarily change the rule”. I was thinking about this recently after receiving an email which read, “you know things are messed up when the tallest player in the N.B.A. is Chinese, the best golfer is Black, and the best Rapper is White”. While I don’t know about the ‘Rapping’ part, it is true that ‘Ming’ is the tallest player in the N.B.A. at almost 8 feet tall, and ‘Tiger’ is one, if not the best golfer in the world. But just like exceptions in other areas of life, do these exceptions in sports really change the rules, or is culture and environment the deciding factors in which sports we participate in.

Growing up in Baltimore, sports was a major part of my life. The sports of choice for me and the other kids in the neighborhood back then were baseball and football, with basketball being a distant third. We usually played baseball from April till the end of Summer and then picked up with football in the Fall. Sports such as tennis, golf, lacrosse, and swimming were virtually non existent. Poor kids as a ‘rule’ didn’t play those kinds of games, they were for the rich kids. Golf clubs cost money, much more than a baseball and bat. And besides none of us would be caught dead in the clothes you have to wear on the course.

Over the years, the neighborhood produced quite a few exceptional athletes. A few went on to play professionally in baseball and football. There were many others who would have probably made the grade if they hadn’t succumbed to some of the neighborhood influences such as drugs and alcohol. But of all the great athletes I played with growing up, I don’t remember any exceptional golfer, swimmer, tennis or lacrosse players. In fact, I don’t remember anyone ever having played those sports. Are things really any different today?

It’s no coincidence that the majority of the players who make up the N.B.A. and N.F.L. are Black. It’s a combination of skill and access. Growing up in the inner city, there’s not a lot of room or facilities for sports. Basketball is the game of choice for inner city kids. Basketball courts don’t require a lot of space and makeshift baskets can be set up anywhere. Hours spent honing skills on neighborhood courts turn out some fantastic players. High schools in the cities also put a lot of emphasis on basketball and football. And unlike other sports, basketball and football are ‘cool’.

Baseball on the other hand has evolved from years ago. At one time, it was an American sport. Today, baseball is international. In fact, look at the roster of just about any Major League Baseball team, and you’ll find many of the most talented players coming from Latin American countries. Again, it’s no coincidence that baseball has grown in popularity in these countries. It’s a sport that can be played by just about anyone with a ball, bat, glove and an open field. No fancy equipment or facilities needed. And with the weather permitting the game to played virtually year round, it’s no wonder that these countries are producing so many players for M.L.B.

The ‘other’ sports like tennis, golf, swimming and things like figure skating, and ballet will continue to be sports participated in largely by people with means and access. You just won’t find many ice rinks or swimming clubs in poor neighborhoods and while there may be an occasional golf course here or there, the equipment and fees put it out of the reach of most people of modest means.

Culture and environment will continue to shape the world of sports. While there be the occasional Larry Bird, or Tiger Woods, the games will most likely continue to be dominated by the people who have access to them. I was thinking just now; if Michael Jordan had grown up in Canada, and Wayne Grektze in the U.S., would they have achieved the same greatness in the sport that chose them?

Great Advice For Basketball Enthusiasts – Tips To Up Your Game

No one will try to fix a star player. Why would someone think they could be great at basketball if you don’t research first? Use these tips to improve you learned in the above article to make your game to an expert level.

Learn the mechanics of a free throw shot. Practice often using the following method. Start with the basketball right in front of you. Keep your eyes on the goal and visualize the basketball going into the hoop. Then try shooting the ball with the trajectory that you visualized.

TIP! Do not practice solely against zone defense. While much of the game is played in zone, the opponent can flip to man-to-man coverage, changing everything and surprising you.

Free throws require both mental as well as physical. Relax yourself and keep your concentration centered on the basket; this will help you succeed.

A good way to get your basketball game up to speed is to start trying to see how the pros.

TIP! Make use of hand signals so that wild passes can be avoided. Passing is tough, especially if you and your teammate are not in sync with one another.

Do not restrict your practices to zone defense plays. The majority of the game is in that area, but that doesn’t mean that the opposing team will not try to catch you off guard. If your practice did not include this, you might lose control rapidly.

You can improve your passing skills if you forgo dribbling is forbidden. It is hard to play a game when you don’t dribble, but it does make sure you and your teammates make accurate passes.

TIP! Keep your eye on the ball. Always knowing where the ball is will make sure that you are ready if it quickly comes your way.

Play basketball games with yourself even during the season and before it. Even if you can’t get a bunch of people together to play, practicing alone can be helpful. There is still much that can accomplish playing on your own. Practice pivoting and free throws. There are always things that can do.

Hand signals can help stop you to stay away from turning the ball over. Hand signals can help you if your teammate on the court.

TIP! The key to ball control is to spread your fingers out. This makes sure that it does not escape away from your grip.

Good footwork is essential to escaping coverage and putting yourself in position to take a vital part of basketball. You always want to beat the opposing playing to an open spot. Once you get into your position, you’ll have to then secure your spot. Both of those skills rely on some solid footwork.

Never turn away from the ball so that you’re ready for what’s coming. This keeps you aware of the court and you aren’t surprised. Keep your eyes open for easy shots.

TIP! During your workouts, concentrate on improving your footwork as well as your core strength. When you have strong core muscles, your body will be better balanced and will move faster.

Ask someone to take a friend to record your games so that you playing and watch it. You may see where you can improve and what plays you missed in the game. Be honest with yourself but not overly critical.

Practice looking the other directions. This can go a great technique in order to help confuse the opponents. When done right, it will cause the opponents to go to the wrong area so that you can pass to someone that has a good look at a basket before shooting. It’s a great play if done right.

TIP! When playing a game of basketball, have a friend tape the game. This way, you can take a look at your game.

Learning to fix your own car would bring you a great sense of accomplishment. Ultimately, your realistic self knowledge will lead you to play an excellent game as a cooperative team member. Learning to play effectively will help you win games and impress your teammates.

5 Key Skills Needed To Become A Professional Basketball Player

Basketball is one of the most popular sports and professional games usually have millions of spectators worldwide. Today, with the introduction of basketball training in Youth Sports Camps, basketball fans can become professional players of the thrilling game rather than just being the spectators. Like any other sport, playing basketball needs some special skills. Though there are many skills needed for becoming a professional basketball player, 5 skills such as ball handling, passing, shooting, defense, and rebounding are indispensable. All these skills can be developed by joining any youth sports camp. Just keep reading on the article to know more details about them.

1. Ball handling

The ball handling skills are indispensable for the short players of the basketball team. The short players with the ball handling skills will normally acquire the guard positions. According to the professional basketball players, a short player without the ball handling skills should bid goodbye to the game. Hence it is clear that, without ball handling skills, one cannot become a professional basketball player.

2. Passing

Passing is one of the fundamentals skills required for playing basketball. You should have noted that you will be taught with passing the ball at first in the Youth Sports Camp. Passing the ball can be further classified as overhead pass and bounce pass. The ball passing method should be selected based on the position of the opponent.

3. Defense

The main role of the defense player is to block passing, shooting and dribbles of the opponent. Hence the defense player must have a tall physique and should be fast enough to react to the opponents moves. The position and footwork are the two main skills needed for the defense player.

4. Rebounding

Rebounding refers to gaining posession of the ball after a missed shooting. Professional basketball players concentrate more on rebounding a missed shot is an opportunity for the opponent to gain the possession of the ball. Rebounding is of two types namely offensive rebounds where the procession of the ball does not change and defensive rebounds, in which the defending team gains possession of the missed shoot.

5. Shooting

The shooting skill in basketball is the toughest one to develop. Set-shot, lay-up, and hook shot are the common types of shooting techniques used in the sport. As shooting is the point scoring part of the games, the athletes need to get trained in shooting with the very best Coaches.

Basketball training in Youth Sports Camp

Today, many summer camps provide basketball training. The coaches of these youth sports camps will lead the athletes through game-speed drills and exercises, focusing on ball handling, passing, shooting, defense, and rebounding.

Basketball Hoops – Consider The Ft 192tbreakaway

You’ve got a lot of choices in breakaway basketball hoops. Here is a primer on some of the best ones, and their features, so that you can decide which is right for you. One standard recommendation is the FT192. It ‘s a good, solid breakaway goal. However, some people may require a breakaway basketball goal that can withstand greater force loads and more demanding use, or a basketball goal that is built to even greater engineering and design requirements.

If you are one of these people, you should strongly consider the improved FT 192TA breakaway basketball goal. Like the FT 192, the FT 192TA breakaway basketball goal comes with many features designed to give the basketball goal a professional, authentic look while also giving the basketball goal a durable, long lasting design and construction. However, the FT 192TA breakaway basketball goal features many improvements and other key design changes from the FT 192 breakaway basketball goal. These upgrades give the FT 192TA breakaway basketball goal a superior design, making it even more durable, longer lasting and able to take on greater and more punishing basketball stunts as well as your average slam dunk.

For example, the FT 192TA breakaway basketball goal has a “Tuff Tie” tubular net hangar design, replacing the FT 192 basketball goal’s continuous net locks, in order to meet these more demanding requirements. One important feature that the FT 192TA basketball goal retains from the FT 192 basketball goal is the important breakaway feature. A breakaway basketball goal is a basketball goal that can bend and flex at the neck joining the basketball hoop to the mounting hardware. This is important because it allows the basketball hoop to transfer heavy loads to the mounting hardware through the next, preventing damage.

A more rigid basketball goal will simply break at the neck under similar heavy loads; the FT 192TA however will simply spring back into position. What makes this breakaway basketball goal different from the FT 192 is that its breakaway tension is fully adjustable, from 170 all the way up to 230 pounds. This gives you – and the basketball goal – greater flexibility depending in the different types of use or level of competition you expect your basketball goal to face up against.

The FT 192TA breakaway basketball goal will mount on any standard backboard surface, so mounting this more demanding basketball goal will be little different from a cheaper model. It features a powder coat finish, to match the authentic, professional design and construction with an authentic, professional look that will not only look at home on an NBA court, but will also maintain that look for many years.

The FT 192TA is perfect to fit the demands and needs of high school and college level competitions, and meets all NCAA and high school regulations. Like many breakaway basketball goals, an anti-whip net and mounting hardware are included. The FT 192TA matches its superior design and construction, and you should look for it with the five year Superior warranty. One thing that is not superior about the FT 192A is its weight; with a shipping weight of only 26 pounds and a mounting area is 5 inches by 4-5 inches, installing the FT 192TA basketball goal is as easy as breaking it is difficult.

The Tips In This Article About Basketball Are For You

The inventor of basketball was created by Dr. There were many great basketball a world wide phenomenon. J or Magic Johnson, it has made celebrities out of its best players. If you’re wanting to know what goes into becoming a good basketball player, continue reading.

Many people only direct their attention to the offensive part of the game without realizing that defense is as important as offense during practice. Defense is how you win a win. Offense is flashier, but lacking a solid defense, any team can lose.

TIP! Figure out how to perfect your free throw. This may seem like an easy task, but in reality, things prove otherwise.

Always dribble with your head up when dribbling instead of focusing on the ball.You should never be looking at the basketball while you’re dribbling. Bring the ball no matter where you go out. Dribble the ball as you go about your day doing errands like walking to the dog. If you are looking at the ball, you will be unable to see whatever is going on at court level.

Practice your pass catching passes often. You and your team a favor by practicing how you (and they) are more versatile.

TIP! Don’t pump too much iron if you plan on being a jump shooter. It’s possible to have excessive muscles when you play the perimeter.

Zone Defense

Don’t just practice playing against the zone defense. While you might see a zone defense mostly, your rivals could opt to go to man-to-man covering to keep you guessing. If you haven’t trained yourself to counter this, you might lose your game very quickly.

TIP! Hand signals will help you avoid those errant passes. It can be frustrating passing to a teammate when you’re both heading to the basket.

You may have better pass the ball if you run drills without the dribble. It is difficult playing without dribbling; however, but it will help you to be sure that everyone is passing accurately.

Would you like to pull one over on your opponent? Back passes are a great way to confuse other team is still wondering what happened.Hold the ball using your writing hand. This is a very useful trick the other team.

TIP! Pay close attention to your shoulders if you’ve suddenly developed a shooting slump. When you’re in a shooting slump it usually means that your shoulders are not square to the hoop.

All you need is a hoop that is 10 feet high, a long court and ten team members to make a team. You have to know a lot about it if it’s something you want to do good at. Using this article as a starting point, keep practicing and learning and you’ll soon be a master of the game.

Beat The Shot Clock By Trying These Basketball Tips!

If you want to excel in basketball, you surely realize the commitment it requires. Even if you happen to be a purely recreational player, you still want to improve your game. Reading the following article will help you make some improvements in your future basketball games.

Focus on your strong point to help you become a better at basketball. Your strengths might not make you a star player, learning your strengths will help you become a better team player. Know the things you’re great at and practice them until you have perfected them.

TIP! Get good at making free throws. These shots look easy on television, but are actually hard when you are doing the shooting.

Learn how a bounce pass. A bounce pass will hit the other player at waist level. A good estimation is to target the ball bounce at about 3/4 of the distance that the receiving player is. There can be other factors in play to keep in mind, however.

You may have better luck honing your passing skills if you run drills without the dribble. It is hard to play a game when you don’t dribble, but your accuracy is sure to inprove.

TIP! Watch how the pros play basketball. Attend as many professional games as you can, watch the pros on TV, or watch video of professionals.

Ask teammates what they like about your skills on the court. Do you do something really good at something? Perhaps you are great backup or maybe your footwork is enviable.

Pay attention closely to the shoulders if you’ve suddenly developed a shooting slump. When your shoulders are positioned improperly, your shot is unlikely to succeed. Your shoulders should always be squared up towards the hoop. The shoulder that is dominant should be in line with the rim.

TIP! Don’t pump too much iron if you plan on being a jump shooter. Though muscle strength is great to have with any sport, it is very possible to be too buff for serious game play.

You need to be quick to play good at basketball.Try to play faster than your opponents by being fast to win the game. You will have to be steady as you play faster. But do not try to play faster than you actually are. Playing beyond your capabilities will lead to bad passes and excessive turnovers.

Practice dribbling with your weak hand when it comes to dribbling.Tie your strong hand behind your back and force yourself only to use your weaker hand. You will get new dribbling skills with your non-dominant hand for dribbling.

TIP! In order to get a good shot, you must use good footwork. Although a strong presence in the key is important, beating your opponent to good spots on the floor is more important.

Now, you need to use this advice as part of your basketball strategy. You will begin to see a little improvement at a time. Having a three step plan is sure to lead you to success.

Take Your Basketball Game To New Levels By Using These Tips

Do you want to learn more about the popular game of basketball?Lots of people want to play like the professionals can do. The tips below will help you some expert tips.

Crossovers are key for ball handler. This move entails transferring the hand to your right hand and back again. You have to do this quickly to get good results. When done properly, the crossover dribble helps you alter directions and go down the court faster.

TIP! It is easy to be focused on offense when you are learning how to play basketball, but you really should focus your practice on defense. Basketball games are won more often by defense than offense.

Focus on your strengths to get better ball player.Your skills may not turn you into the star player, but playing up your strengths makes you a great contributor. Know the things you’re great at and practice them until you have perfected them.

Do not practice zone defense plays.Most of the game is played in zone, but the other team might decide to surprise you and do some man-to-man coverage.If you have not practiced enough on this scenario, you might lose your game very quickly.

TIP! Put the emphasis on your strengths can help you to be a better basketball player. The best talent you have isn’t going to have you starring in every highlight reel, but having a good skill set can benefit your team.

Play basketball games against yourself during the season and out of season. Basketball is a multiple player sport, but there are times when no one is around to play with you.There is much that can accomplish playing on your own. Practice pivoting or you can practice doing free throw shooting. There are always things that can work on.

This will involve their lower back, the lower back, and hips. A well developed core provides a player generate force that can be tapped through the legs while running and jumping higher.

TIP! Hitting free throws is a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Of course, you can show your body how to make free throws.

Never play through an injury. Basketball is very physical and you can get injured. Trying to play while injured will just make the injury worse.See a physician if you think your injury is serious enough.

Speed is a key attribute in the sport of basketball. Try playing faster than your opponents for a better advantage.You have to do a lot of drilling to play faster. Don’t attempt to play too fast and risk your skills allow. Playing beyond your speed cause the game to get out of control with various turnovers and excessive turnovers.

TIP! Better your basketball skills by watching the pros play. Go to as many pro games as possible, watch them on TV, or watch videos of them playing.

To become a reliable free throw shooter, practice and develop a routine you will use during each shot. This might mean that you dribble the ball twice, touch your forehead, touch your forehead, or any other movement. This consistency will get your body in tune to do the same thing every time, but make the routine a quick one.

Practice passing while looking the other directions. This will make your actions very confusing the other team. When done right, it will cause the opponents to go to the wrong area so that you can pass to someone that has a good look at a basket before shooting. It’s a powerful play if done right.

TIP! Do not restrict your practices to zone defenses alone. While much of the game is played in zone, the opponent can flip to man-to-man coverage, changing everything and surprising you.

Now that you have read this article, you probably know a lot more about basketball than you did before. Now that you finished reading it, you can take what you learned, and play more like the professionals. Start up a game and start using these tips.

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